Roselin Stonechild

Roselin Stonechild has never been one to shy away from a new activity. Thanks to her involvement in the Dream Broker program at Sacred Heart School in Regina for seven years (between 2011-18), Roselin was presented with the opportunity to participate in over ten programs, including multiple sport, culture and recreation activities; this helped her gain plenty of new skills, abilities and interests, and culminated in a scholarship to attend Athol Murray Collegiate of Notre Dame.

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During her time with the program, Roselin participated in seven new sports, including: gymnastics, swimming, water polo, kung fu, martial arts, volleyball and track and field. Nearly every activity that Roselin was encouraged to enroll in, she took it upon herself to be involved.

One of her most memorable sport experiences was getting involved in track and field. When Sacred Heart launched a running club in 2017, Roselin signed up and fell in love with the sport. She also became an active member of the Excel Athletika Club. Through rigorous training, she was able to take part in some marathons, including one in Las Vegas.

“I’m passionate about running because it helps me think, get things off my mind, and stay fit,” she said. “I love running because I am part of a marathon team. I have enjoyed running, and meeting new people.”

Outside of sports, Roselin participated in many recreation and cultural opportunities, from engineering camps to babysitting courses to art classes. As well, she discovered her passion for music over the past school year, joining the school band and taking piano and voice lessons with Long & McQuade.

“Music helps me express how I’m feeling, whether I’m sad, mad or happy,” she said. “Music always had this way of saying or feeling, that even when I’m sad, everything will be okay. Piano is a beautiful instrument. It's difficult at first, but if you keep learning and trying, you’ll get better. Practice makes perfect.”

Alyssa Strasser, who worked with Roselin through Dream Brokers, said she was a pleasant student to work with. “She’s always there to greet you with a smile and is quick to start a conversation and engage those around her positively,” Strasser said. “It’s been a pleasure watching her grow and I am excited for what she will accomplish next.”

Roselin is currently attending Athol Murray College of Notre Dame in Wilcox on a scholarship. She credits her experience in the Dream Broker program for this great achievement. She said the program helped her focus on what’s ahead.

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