Audrey Armstrong

Dream Broker
Westmount Community School
Princess Alexandra School

Several years ago, Audrey Armstrong was kept on her toes while attending university and raising three children as a single mother, and she turned to the Dream Broker program to support the additional costs that were required for her children to participate in extra-curricular activities.

Inspired by the power of the program, she applied to be a Dream Broker after she finished her university degree and was hired.

“I wanted to be able to assist children the same way my children were assisted through the Dream Broker program,” Armstrong said.
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As a Dream Broker, Armstrong works hard to ensure that children in her assigned schools have the opportunities to participate in sport, culture and recreation programs. She encourages them to get involved and brings programming into the school such as soccer, karate, art, kids engineering, etc.

One of her memorable moments has been working with two other Dream Brokers in Saskatoon and Hockey Canada to get 35 children involved in minor hockey this year.

“The majority of the kids that became involved either couldn’t skate at all, or could barely stand on their skates,” Armstrong said. “I received texts and pictures last night from two separate families and the one little girl was given the ‘Most Improved Player’ award for the season and the other little girl was given the ‘Hat Trick Hero’ award. That shows how much the kids can grow from one season of an activity. It’s not the big flashy things that matter; it’s the small moments like this where you can truly see the difference the program can make in a child’s life. The pride that shows on their little faces when they know that they are succeeding and growing is just absolutely heartwarming.”

Armstrong said her position is “essential” to the community. She works with two inner-city schools and said many of the students wouldn’t have the means to be involved in any activities outside of school if the program didn’t exist.  

She said that parent engagement is essential for the kids’ success. She has learned to meet families from a perspective they are comfortable, because “you don’t know what kind of background they come from.” She said you have to build trust, and understand that not all parents have the resources or capacity to be involved in the activities.

For Armstrong, being a Dream Broker has been an amazing adventure:
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