Give Kids a Chance Charity Inc. is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who is responsible for program sustainability and risk management. The board ensures that all programs supported by the charity are meeting Canada Revenue Agency guidelines for disbursement quotas (minimum amounts charities are required to spend and that plans are in place for short and long-term sustainability through annual submissions of forms, ongoing consultations, and evaluation.

Angella Pinay


Prior to being named Chair in 2020, Pinay served as the Vice Chair, Sport in 2019-20. Pinay was nominated to the Board in 2018 by the Saskatchewan Soccer Association after previously serving on the Board from 2011-14. 

Kenric Exner

Past Chair

Exner was nominated to the Board in 2017 by the Saskatchewan Hockey Association (SHA) and served as Secretary/Treasurer in 2018-19 and Chair in 2019-20. He has also sat on the Sport Funding, Admin Centre Advisory and Provincial KidSport Committees, as well as the Indigenous Sport Leadership Council.

Julie Brandt

Brandt was nominated to the Board in 2019 by the Saskatchewan Games Council. In 2019-20, she sat on the Sport, Future Best and Provincial KidSport Committees. Brandt is a former board member of the Canadian Freestyle Ski Association, President of Freestyle Ski Saskatchewan and Chair of the Saskatchewan Games Council.

Kim Wudrick

Wudrick was nominated to the board in 2019 by Football Saskatchewan and has since sat on the Trust, Community Funding and Sport Funding Committees. He comes to the organization with a wealth of experience in the non-profit amateur sport sector, including 13 years as President of Football Saskatchewan.

Murray Stroeder

Stroeder was nominated to the Board in 2019 by CURLSASK after previously serving a one-year term in 2018-19. Between 2018-20, he sat on the Officials, Admin Centre Advisory, Lottery and Sport Funding Committees.

Lance Dudar

Dudar was nominated to the Board in 2019 by Triathlon Saskatchewan. In 2019-20, he sat on the Lottery and Admin Centre Advisory Committees, and he also was a member of the Indigenous Sport Leadership Council. Dudar is a Co-ordinator with The Regina Intersectoral Partnership (TRiP), an initiative that provides services to vulnerable children and their families.

Jessie Buydens

Buydens was nominated to the Board in 2018 by Football Saskatchewan and she served as Vice Chair, Lotteries in 2019-20. Between 2018-2020, she has served on the Indigenous Sport Leadership Council and on the Canadian Sport Centre Saskatchewan, Lottery and Audit Committees.

Josh Shankowsky

Shankowsky served as Secretary/Treasurer in 2019-20 and has sat on the Sport, Community Funding, Admin Centre Advisory and Audit Committees. He was nominated to the Board in 2018 by the Sask Games Council. Shankowsky is designated a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA) and has a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Regina.

Carol Chernishenko

Chernishenko was nominated to the Board in 2018 by Saskatchewan Artistic Swimming and has previously sat on the Sport Funding and Officials Advisory Committees, and served as Vice Chair, Sask Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation in 2019-20.

Valerie Gordon

Gordon was nominated to the Board in 2020 by the Saskatchewan High School Athletics Association. She has been an educator for 34 years for the Eastend/Chinook School Division, serving for two years as athletic coordinator for the SouthWest Athletic Conference.

Cornelia Laliberte

Laliberte was nominated to the Board in 2020 by the Prairie Central District for Sport, Culture and Recreation. As the Coordinator for First Nations, Métis and Inuit Education for Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools, she is responsible for working with various partners that provide services and supports to Indigenous students.

Janelle Layton

Layton was nominated to the Board in 2020 by the Saskatchewan Soccer Association. She is a long-time volunteer, serving on the board of Kindersley Soccer as a member and president and as secretary for the Kindersley Karate Club. She also served on the board of the Saskatchewan Soccer Association, and has been a long-time soccer and sledge hockey coach.

Michael Rogers

Rogers was nominated to the Board in 2020 by the Sport Medicine & Science Council of Saskatchewan. He was active in minor sports while growing up in Regina, and is now focussing on coaching as his children’s involvement in sport grows.